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HMS Gibraltar

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HMS Gibraltar

HMS Gibraltar (view technical specs)

Seven different ships fr om the British Royal Navy have been named aft er Gibraltar “HMS Gibraltar”.The set of seven stamps depict:

22p - HMS Gibraltar was an Edgar-class cruiser launched in 1892, made into a depot ship in 1912, and sold 1923.

54p - HMS Gibraltar was a 101-gun screw first-rate launched in 1860, on loan as a training ship in 1872, renamedGrampian in 1889, and sold 1899.

64p - HMS Gibraltar was the 80-gun Fénix captured at the battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1780, used as a powder hulkin 1813 and broken up in 1836.

70p - HMS Gibraltar was an American 14-gun brig captured in 1779, then in turn captured by the Spanish in 1781and renamed Salvador, then recaptured by HMS Anson in 1800.

80p - HMS Gibraltar was to have been a 45,000 ton aircraft carrier, ordered fr om Vickers Armstrong on 15September 1943, but cancelled in October 1945.

£1 - HMS Gibraltar was a 20-gun sixth-rate built in 1711, rebuilt 1727, and sold 1748. It was the first command ofJohn Byng, who was aft erwards to be court-martialled and executed in the opening stages of the Seven Years’ War.

£3 - HMS Gibraltar was a 20-gun sixth-rate in service fr om 1754 to 1773.

Technical Specs

Dise�o:Stephen Perera
Ilustracion / Fotografia:John Batchelor MBE
Imprenta:Cartor Security Printers
Proceso:Offset Lithography
Colores:4 colours
Tama�o:43.5 x 28mm
Fecha de emision:2017-05-25
Valores:22p, 54p, 64p, 70p, 80p, 1, 3