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King Henry VIII (500 years succession to throne)

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King Henry VIII (500 years succession to throne)

King Henry VIII (500 years succession to throne) (view technical specs)

Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) was King of England and Lord of Ireland, later King of Ireland and claimant to the Kingdom of France, from 21 April 1509 until his death. Henry was the second monarch of the House of Tudor, succeeding his father, Henry VII.
Henry VIII was a significant figure in the history of the English monarchy. Although in the first years of his reign he energetically suppressed the Protestant reformation of the church, a movement having roots with the martyr John Wycliffe of the 14th century, he is more popularly known for his political struggles with Rome. These struggles ultimately led to him separating the Anglican church from the Roman hierarchy, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and establishing himself as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. Although some claim he became a Protestant on his death-bed, he advocated catholic ceremony and doctrine throughout his life.
Royal backing of the English Reformation was left to his heirs, the devout Edward VI and the renowned Elizabeth I, whilst daughter Mary I temporarily reinstated papal authority over England. Henry also oversaw the legal union of England and Wales.
We have dedicated a stamp and sheetlet to Henry VIII and each of his six wives plus his ship the Mary Rose.
This is a beautifully illustrated issue and yet another significant release from the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau. 

Technical Specs

Design:Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography:Martin Hargreaves
Printer:Lowe Martin, Canada
Process:Offset Lithography
Colours:4 cols.
Stamp size:2
Issue date:2009-01-11
Stamp Values:10p, 10p, 42p, 42p, 44p, 44p, 51p, 51p; 2