YouStamps® are created by combining your photograph with a 'theme' postage stamp. There are currently 5 themes available: 'Let's celebrate'; 'With love'; Greetings from Gibraltar'; 'Commitment' and 'New baby'.

For example, use your baby’s photo as a YouStamp® with the 'New baby' theme and stick them on invitations to the baptism. With YouStamps® the possibilities are endless!


YouStamps® sheets are charged at £6.00 and £14.00 respectively if you buy one sheet only. They're available at discounted prices if you buy more than one.

G value stamp = Gibraltar to Gibraltar mail

E value stamp = Gibraltar to UK/Europe mail


We have used G and E values for these stamps in order for you to use YouStamps® even if stamp prices are raised in the future. G rate is currently 22p and E rate is currently 70p.

If you wish to create your own set of youstamps or would like to receive further information, please email us on